Literary Agents Who Represent Graphic Novels

The following is a list of literary agents who represent graphic novels and comics. Every agency on this list has mentioned an interest in graphic novels either on their website or their blog, or made a GN sale– no second-hand info unless it was well vouched for.

Literary Agents Who Represent Graphic Novels
current number of agencies listed: 83
last updated April 2018

Aevitas Creative Management: Erica Bauman

Andrea Brown Literary Agency: Laura Rennert, Caryn Wiseman, Kelly Sonnack, Jamie Weiss Chilton

Aragi, Inc.: Nicole Aragi

Atchity Entertainment International (AEI): Ken Atchity

Ayesha Pande Literary: Ayesha Pande, Anjali Singh

The Bent Agency: Gemma Cooper, Louise Fury, Heather Flaherty

Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises

BG Literary: Barry Goldblatt
Represent Holly Black, Cecil Castelluci, Sara Ryan, Shannon Hale, Misako Rocks, others.

Bob Mecoy Literary Agency

BookEnds Literary: Moe Ferrara, Tracy Marchini, Natascha Morris

Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc: Emily Forland

The Brattle Agency, LCC: Christopher Vyce

Bresnick Weil Literary Agency: Paul Bresnick
Represents Mimi Pond

Carol Mann Agency: Myrsini Stephanides!myrsini-stephanides/xna5n

Chase Literary Agency

Cheng Caplan Company: Angela Cheng Caplan
Represents Brian Wood.

Conville & Walsh Ltd.: Sophie Lambert

Cornerstone Literary Agency: Helen Breitwieser
Represents Brad Kayl, Ursula Vernon

Curtis Brown, Ltd: Elizabeth Harding, Steven Salpeter

Corvisiero Literary Agency: Veronica Park, Samantha Bremekamp

DeFiore and Company: Brian DeFiore, Ashley Collom

Diana Finch

Einstein Literary Management: Susan Graham

Emerald City Literary: Linda Epstein

Foundry Literary and Media: Adriann Ranta
Represent Kelly Roman

Fox Literary: Diana Fox

Frances Goldin Literary Agency: Sam Stoloff
Agency represents Rutu Modan.

Fuse Literary: Gordon Warnock

Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency: Linda Camacho, Marietta Zacker

Gernert Company: Seth Fishman
Represents Kate Beaton, Molly Crabapple, Bill Willingham, Ryan North

Grand Design Communications

Hill Nadell Literary Agency: Dara Hyde
Represents Joey Esposito, Ian McGinty, David Gallaher and Steve Ellis

Howard Morhaim Literary Agency: Katie Menick, DongWon Song
Represents Eric Orchard.

ICM Partners: Hillary Jacobson

Inkwell Management: Charlie Olsen, David Hale Smith, Jessica Mileo
Jessica Mileo
Represent Noelle Stevenson, Nate Powell, Jeff Lemire, Alex de Campi

Irene Goodman Literary Agency: Jon Sternfeld.
Represents Tyler Jones & Monica Roussel.

JABberwocky Literary Agency: Eddie Schneider

Janklow & Nesbit Associates: PJ Mark
Represents Craig Thompson, David Heatley, others.

Jason Yarn Literary Agency

The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency: Roseanne Wells

Jill Corcoran Literary Agency: JIll Corcoran, Jodell Sadler

Jud Laghi
Represents Parsua Bashi.

Judith Hansen
Represents Gene Yang, Kazu Kibuishi, Scott McCloud, Robert Crumb, Hope Larson, Josh Neufeld, others.
**Does not accept unsolicited queries.

Kitchen, Lind & Associates
**Does not accept unsolicited queries.

The Knight Agency

Laura Dail Literary Agency: Tamar Rydzinski

Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency: Monika Verma
Represents Erika Moen

Linnan Literary Management LLC: Jen Linnan

L. Perkins Agency: Leon Husock, Ben Grange

Lora Fountain Agency
**Translation rights licensing only. Does not accept unsolicited queries.

Lydia Wills LLC
Represents Warren Ellis

Massie McQuilkin & Co: Rob McQuilkin
Represents Magdy El Shafee

Martin Literary Management: Clelia Gore

McIntosh and Otis: Christa Heschke

McKinnon McIntyre: Tanya McKinnon, Devin McIntyre

New Leaf Literary: JL Stermer

Olswanger Literary LLC: Anna Olswanger

Pamela D. Scoville Literary Agency: Pam Scoville

Pippin Properties: Holly McGhee, Sara Crowe
Represents David Small

P.S. Literary Agency: Kurestin Armada, Maria Vicente

Red Sofa Literary: Dawn Frederick, Bree Ogden

The Rights Factory: Sam Hiyate, Ali McDonald, Natalie Kimber

RLR Associates: Scott Gould
Represents John Walsh

Rodeen Literary Management

Sanford J. Greenburger Associates: Ed Maxwell, Brenda Bowen

Sequential Rights: Amber Garza
**Translation rights licensing only

Signature Literary Agency: Gary Heidt

Stimola Literary Studio: Rosemary Stimola

Stonesong Literary: Alyssa Jennette, Emmanuelle Morgan

Susan Rabiner Literary Agency: Holly Bemiss, Sydelle Kramer
Represent Alison Bechdel, Lucy Knisley, Harvey Pekar, Ellen Forney, Christy C. Road.

Transatlantic Literary Agency: Samantha Haywood

Triada US Literary Agency: Brent Taylor

Upstart Crow Literary: Susan Hawk

Ute Körner, Literary Agent LLC
Represent The Good Neighbors, and adaptations of Benjamin Button, Tom Sawyer, and others.

Vicky Bijur Literary Agency: Vicky Bijur
Represents Larry Gonick.

Victoria Sanders: Bernadette Baker-Baughman
Represents Farel Dalrymple, David Axe, Matt Bors, Faith Erin Hicks, Sonny Liew, Joelle Jones, others.

Wales Lit: Elizabeth Wales
Represents Leela Corman, Joyce Farmer

Waxman Literary Agency: Molly O’Neill

William Morris Agency: Jay Mandel
Represents Ariel Schrag.

WME London: Elizabeth Sheinkman
Represents Marisa Acocella Marchetto.

World Manga: Yukari Shiina
Represents non-Japanese artists to Japanese manga publishers only. Represents Ken Niimura, Felipe Smith, Philippe Cardona. Judge of the annual Kodansha International Comics Competition.

Writers House: Daniel Lazar, Merrilee Heifetz, Rebecca Sherman, Steven Malk, Stephen Barr, Andrea Morrison
Represent Neil Gaiman, Jillian Tamaki.

The Zack Company, Inc

If you have any updates for the list, please get in touch!

Every agent listed has their own submission guidelines, so be sure to check out their sites and go a step further; if they’ve got a blog, read it, go through their “query” tags, see what they react well to, what they turn down, & how they want graphic novel queries formatted. Very few accept email attachments. Some want 5 pages linked to with the query, some want the first chapter (& later ask for a pitch/script for the rest), some want completed art for the full project. Some specialize in nonfiction, others in MG or YA.

Know what they’re looking for & follow their guidelines! It’s a short list compared to all of the literary agents out there, and you don’t want one of the few who represent graphic novels to delete your query before they even read it.

Good luck!