Desktop Application

You can download and install the following comic-book applications to purchase individual issues of IN MAPS & LEGENDS (for just $.99 each). The applications come in both PC and Mac versions, and registering at these sites is free.

Note: You can install these applications on as many computers as you like, and as long as you use the same login, you can access all your purchased comics, at any time, on those computers.

To read IN MAPS & LEGENDS, download the comic application, register with, and then launch the application. After you find IN MAPS & LEGENDS in the store, you can purchase the issues and then download.

The client runs on Adobe AIR, which is available for Windows (XP, Vista), Mac (v10.4+), and Linux. Download the application


To read IN MAPS & LEGEND, download the LongBox Digital application for either the Mac or PC. Then register with LongBox the first time you launch the application, and look for IN MAPS & LEGENDS issues in the LongBox Store so you can buy, download, and read.

LongBox exists for PC (XP, Vista, Win7 and Netbooks) and Mac (v10.4+). Download the LongBox application