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  • Robot 6 named Niki and Mike “Digital Creators of the Year” for 2010 (it was a tie with Alex de Campi).
  • Niki talks comics and MAPS for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) with the National Post.
  • Mike wraps up the first 9-issue storyline with a look back at what he learned from scripting MAPS for the Flames Rising website.
  • Mike and Niki talked about going digital with the Thing From Another World blog, as part of their Digital Comics Month.
  • Mike is running a series of ongoing blogs about creating digital comics at his website.
  • Niki and Mike did a fun, hopefully informative podcast about comics and digital publishing with Webcomic Beacon.
  • Brigid Alverson at Robot 6 has an extensive interview with Niki and Mike.
  • Another excellent set of interview questions from 3 Million Years, plus a Spotlight article there about MAPS.
  • An internet radio chat with Mike about MAPS, hosted by Susan Wingate and Joshua Graham at BlogTalkRadio.
  • Mike discusses the comic, Issue 2, and digital publishing with Digital Comics News. Here’s a followup from May 2011.
  • A nice overview of the opening of Issue 1 at Overbury Ink.
  • An interview about our new approach to distributing MAPS with Blog-It Llama.
  • Another interview about the re-launch with The Fabler.
  • Comics Worth Reading also discusses the launch of Issue 1.
  • ComixTalk gives a nice rundown of what’s available with Issue One.
  • Hypergeek joins the relaunch fun!
  • Comic Book Resources’ Robot 6 is the first to share the news about the MAPS re-launch!

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I found the artwork to be pretty striking. It has a fluid quality to everything – the line, the contours and even the shadows, with slightly muted colors and hints of texture. That threw an interesting spin on my read of this comic. It’s a place, primarily. The characters are extensions of the place, the moving elements. As you can see from the self description, the place dominatingly involves the characters. It isn’t a nebulous place; rather it is an unknown with serious consequences. The characters are forced to react to its demands.

Daily Ebook Reviews

Jasper and Smith are a good team.  The artwork supports the flow of the story and the story is custom tailored for this kind of art.  I usually like my comics to be a bit more flashy, but something about the gritty vibe that Smith captures in her images is extremely well-suited for the tale the pair is telling.

Soldiers Webcomic Blog

This is a great series, and I’m thrilled to see them continuing with it. You should buy this book — again, at 99 cents an issue, it’s a steal and, in my opinion, the equal of any Vertigo book on the market.

Shelf Abuse

The series has an aged, weathered “feel” to it, perfectly encapsulating Jasper’s themes of artistry and history, and giving In Maps & Legends an aesthetic unlike anything else currently on the web.

Comics Worth Reading

Having so many choices is great — if you buy digital comics through any major outlet, you can probably find a version at a site where you already have an account.


The series seems to have lots of long-term potential, as this first eight-page story is jam packed full of mystery and intrigue that made me want to see more of how this unfolds. The series was also the clear winner in terms of it’s artwork, which really took my breath away!

Art Sequential

The story is light teaser material with the promise of big things to come. In Maps and Legends has my vote.

The Lefty Films Blog

Incredibly well written and drawn. [...] Really interesting how Smith made parallels to the drawing tool becoming a threatening device in order to convey emotion. Not too pretentious. Final panel is a killer, and I love the dual storytelling layout.

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