About the Comic

Kaitlin Grayson considers herself just an artist until she gets recruited by a strange man named Bartamus, who shows up at her place in the middle of the night and demands she use her skills to save his dying world. Soon Kait gets caught between two worlds, and if Bartamus’ world falls, Earth is next — along with untold other worlds.

In Maps & Legends is a nine-issue contemporary fantasy comic with hints of science fiction and steampunk. The comic won the Nov. 2009 competition hosted by DC Comics imprint Zuda Comics, where it ran in 2010 until the Zuda site closed.

In September 2010, we relaunched the comic with UnWrecked Press and started selling it with the help of some fine online distributors (see list, below). You can read a new, 22-page issue every 6 weeks, with the first story arc ending in October 2011.

The Story

Kaitlin Grayson, a freelance illustrator and mapmaker for fat fantasy novels, finds herself driven by some strange compulsion to draw an intricate map of a place she’s never been. A map that covers all four walls of the windowless spare room she keeps locked next to her tiny bedroom.

She doesn’t know where the inspiration for the map comes from, but she can’t stop herself from carving up the walls for her map.

One cold night while Kait is finishing her map, a disheveled man named Bartamus bursts into her apartment, claiming that only she can save his dying world.

For Kait, things like this happen in the books she illustrates so often, she feels like she knows what will happen next.

But she couldn’t be more wrong when she steps through her map and charges headlong into another world — a world that desperately needs her.

You can buy issues from these sites:

About the Creators

Artist Niki Smith is an artist and writer who is currently working on a handful of creator-owned comic projects. She is the recipient of a 2011 Creative Workforce Fellowship based on her graphic novel proposal, Some Did Rest. Her work has also appeared in several English language and German comic anthologies.

Writer Michael Jasper has published four novels, a story collection, and over four dozen short stories in Asimov’s, Strange Horizons, Polyphony, Writers of the Future, and the Raleigh News & Observer, and other fine venues. His most recent novel is A Sudden Outbreak of Magic (UnWrecked Press, 2011).


  1. Marilyn

    I’m looking forward to seeing it return!

  2. I absolutely love your work. In Maps and Legends is beyond awesome. Could you please invite me / give me an invite code to Oxicomics so I can buy In Maps and Legends from there?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Sugabelly! I believe Oxicomics has had some struggles with funding, so you should probably look into purchasing IN MAPS & LEGENDS through a different distributor instead. Sorry for the trouble!