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Dec 2011 Recommended Digital Comics

Since IN MAPS & LEGENDS launched as a digital comic, Mike and I have tried to help get the word out about what other comics are available for digital download onto your phone, tablet, ereader, or desktop. Each month we’ve highlighted a few titles, from mainstream comics to indie to manga, and we’ve decided to expand on that! We’ll list on which devices the titles are available, the creators, the price per issue, and anything else useful you may want to know before buying. Check out previous recommendations too.

We hope that these spotlight posts will help you discover a few new favorite books each month.

reMIND by Jason BrubakerreMIND
Creator: Jason Brubaker
Platforms: iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Android (tablets + phones), Web
Price: $1.99/chapter
Currently Available: Chapter 1
Release Schedule: biweekly
Description: Jason Brubaker won a Xeric grant for his ongoing webcomic, reMIND, then launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, and released the first volume of his comic in print. Now, he’s bringing the series to digital. Why buy a digital comic of a webcomic you can already read free on his site? The new, Graphicly-powered chapters come with a number of extras: you can cycle between sketch and finished art, and there are a number of fixes and entirely new pages that went into the print edition, and are now included in this digital release. His art is a gorgeous combination of layered textures and paint, and it looks great on a tablet screen.

TEMPLAR, ARIZONA by SpikeTemplar, Arizona
Creator: Spike
Platforms: iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Android (tablets + phones), Web
Price: $1.99/volume
Currently Available: Volumes 1-3
Release Schedule: Unknown
Description: With a diverse cast and a city so fleshed out that it’s a character in its own right, TEMPLAR, ARIZONA is a long-running, award-winning webcomic by artist/writer Charlie “Spike” Trotman. She has now brought her series to the digital realm, with the first three volumes (between 85 and 130 pages) just $1.99 each.

DICEBOX by Jenn Manley LeeDicebox
Creator: Jenn Manley Lee
Platforms: PDF
Price: $5
Currently Available: Book 1 (of 4)
Release Schedule: Unknown
Description: The first book of the lovely webcomic DICEBOX is now out in print and digital form. 324 pages of space wandering that should appeal to any fan of FIREFLY. From the author: “An optimized PDF of the first Book of Dicebox, complete with hyperlinks and formatted specifically for digital viewing. File size is 80MB.”

Have you read any of this month’s recommendations? Know any great titles that we should feature in upcoming months? Let us know below!