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Nov 2011 Recommended Digital Comics

Since IN MAPS & LEGENDS launched as a digital comic, Mike and I have tried to help get the word out about what other comics are available for digital download onto your phone, tablet, ereader, or desktop. Each month we’ve highlighted a few titles, from mainstream comics to indie to manga, and we’ve decided to expand on that! We’ll list on which devices the titles are available, the creators, the price per issue, and anything else useful you may want to know before buying. Check out previous recommendations too.

We hope that these spotlight posts will help you discover a few new favorite books each month.

TOUCH SENSITIVE by Chris WareTouch Sensitive
Creator: Chris Ware
Platforms: iOS (iPad), Web
Price: $.99
Currently Available: Short story
Release Schedule: Complete
Description: Chris Ware has long been known for his meticulously drawn comics and design work, winning over a dozen Eisner awards for his stories. Now, he has brought his unique panel layouts and detail to the iPad, in this short story released through the McSweeney’s app. Exclusive to the iPad, TOUCH SENSITIVE is only $0.99. Ware’s preference and skill for the layout of a printed page shows, however, with a few unclear transitions that leave you guessing whether the screen requires a tap or swipe to go on. The digital format does allow for fades and even a few instances of animation, however– something that ensures that the reading experience can’t be replicated on paper.

LOVELACE & BABBAGE by Sydney PaduaLovelace & Babbage
Creators: Syndney Padua
Platforms: iPad
Price: $2.99/issue, free intro comic
Currently Available: Two stories
Release Schedule: Unknown
Description: This independent comic app does it all right. Filled to the brim with witty extras, sketches, and footnotes, this app adaptation of 2DGoggles, a webcomic focused on the not-so-real adventures of historical mathematicians Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, had Babbage’s 1830 computer designs rocketed England into the steampunk era. Vertically, the comic is a comfortable read, but held horizontally, all of the creator’s notes are revealed, giving you extra insight into the true story behind the fantastical events of the comic.

Have you read any of this month’s recommendations? Know any great titles that we should feature in upcoming months? Let us know below!