In Maps & Legends 5-9 combo © 2011 Niki Smith & Michael Jasper. All rights reserved.

Combo eBook: IN MAPS & LEGENDS 5-9

Now that we’ve completed our first 9-issue storyline (whew!), we wanted to offer readers who picked up our Combo eBook of issues 1-4 a digital bundle of issues 5 through 9 of IN MAPS & LEGENDS.

So instead of paying almost $5 and downloading issues 5-9 individually, you can buy this second combo pack and get those five issues as a short graphic novel. Best thing about it is that you save some money buying those issues as a bundle.

This special version is for just the following platforms and languages:

So check it out if you haven’t already read those first issues (and remember, the Kindle and Nook also have free readers you can download for your computer or laptop, and they all display in COLOR).

And, as always, thanks for reading!

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