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Oct 2011 Recommended Digital Comics

Since IN MAPS & LEGENDS launched as a digital comic, Mike and I have tried to help get the word out about what other comics are available for digital download onto your phone, tablet, ereader, or desktop. Each month we’ve highlighted a few titles, from mainstream comics to indie to manga, and we’ve decided to expand on that! We’ll list on which devices the titles are available, the creators, the price per issue, and anything else useful you may want to know before buying. Check out previous recommendations too.

We hope that these spotlight posts will help you discover a few new favorite books each month.

THE WORMWORLD SAGA by Daniel LieskeThe Wormworld Saga
Creator: Daniel Lieske
Platforms: iOS (iPad), Web
Price: Free with $3.99 expanded collector’s edition
Currently Available: Chapter 1
Release Schedule: Unknown
Description: THE WORMWORLD SAGA blew away fans of webcomics upon the release of the first chapter last year. Soon after, creator Daniel Lieske ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $23,000 to develop an app and continue working on the comic full time. The app was released just last week, with the first chapter free, plus an expanded $3.99 “Collector’s Edition” that includes exclusive art, behind-the-scenes content, and commentary. Now to wait for chapter two!

CONVERSATION by James Kochalka, Craig Thompson, and Jeffrey BrownConversation
Creators: James Kochalka, Craig Thompson, and Jeffrey Brown
Platforms: iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
Price: $1.99/issue
Currently Available: Issues 1-2
Release Schedule: Complete
Description: From publisher Top Shelf comes these two unique collaborations. The first is between cartoonists James Kochalka and Craig Thompson, and the second between Kochalka and Jeffrey Brown. All three men are known for their autobiographical comics, and in these issues the artists draw themselves interacting and discussing a variety of topics. Some of the best collab work in this style that I’ve seen.

NO. 5 by Taiyo MatsumotoNo. 5
Creator: Taiyo Matsumoto
Platforms: iOS (iPad)
Price: $4.99/volume
Currently Available: Volumes 1-4
Release Schedule: Complete
Description: From Eisner-winning artist Taiyo Matsumoto comes NO. 5, a series not available in print in the US! Each volume is almost 300 pages long, and only $4.99. NO. 5 is geopolitical, multicultural, and most of all, surreal.

Have you read any of this month’s recommendations? Know any great titles that we should feature in upcoming months? Let us know below!