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IN MAPS & LEGENDS 7 (of 9)

We’re happy to announce the release of Issue 7 of our digital comic IN MAPS & LEGENDS!

This issue features airship battles, some time-travel-related confusion, a couple of reunions in the past and present, and the return of some very strange beings who are not at all pleased at the current state of affairs.

Here’s the official synopsis:

All maps lead to one place on the dying world of Stryla: Balasander’s Crest, an active volcano at the top of the world. And that’s where Kait and her friends, old and new, must travel, though the price they must pay at the Crest may be too high for any of them to bear.

For more information, check out the first few pages in the following preview from Graphicly:

You can buy Issue 7 from the following online distributors:

We also have German versions! Check them out here:

  • Amazon’s US Kindle Store – German version (Kindle)
  • Amazon’s UK Kindle Store – German version (Kindle)
  • Amazon’s German Kindle Store – German version (Kindle)
  • Barnes & Noble – German version (Nook)
  • DriveThruComics – German version (PDF Download)
  • XinXii (PDF Download)

Enjoy, and as always, thanks for reading!

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