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New eBook: Formatting Comics for Kindle & Nook

8/18/11 UPDATED EDITION: We’ve updated our Nook ePub template so it works better with the black and white Nook Readers. Our new ePub template is resizable. If you’ve already bought Formatting Comics for Kindle and Nook, just delete the old version and then download the latest version! (If you have trouble at any of the sites, shoot us an email with your purchase history or receipt, and we’ll make sure you get the updated ebook.)

We’ve been making digital comics for almost a year now (more or less — though it feels much longer than that). And we want to share what we’ve learned, so other folks can join the fun and get their comics out to a whole new set of readers.

So, we did what any creative folks would do. We made a book! An eBook, to be precise, entitled Formatting Comics for the Kindle and Nook.

While the title pretty much says it all, here’s a bit more info:

This how-to guide covers how to assemble your comic pages or other images for the two biggest e-readers on the market: Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

This eBook covers how to convert the images for your comic into the Kindle and Nook formats, and how to package those images in the most effective manner for those two formats.

The creators also share what they have learned about digital comic distribution for sites other than and

You can buy Formatting Comics from the following online distributors:

And if you’d like to know what’s actually in the book, here’s the complete table of contents:

Part 1: Preparing Graphics
- Adjusting for a Smaller Screen
- Tweaking the Text Size
- Adjusting Image Legibility, and Deciding on Grayscale vs Color
- Setting Pixel Dimensions for Kindle
- Setting Pixel Dimensions for Nook
- Adjusting the File Size
- Streamlining the Formatting Process
- Creating the Cover
Part 2: Uploading Your eBooks
- Uploading Your Comic for the Kindle
- Uploading Your Comic for the Nook
Part 3: Working with Digital Distributors
About the Creators

Each chapter is accompanied by step-by-step screenshots to help you format your images and put together your Kindle and ePub files.

We also have a Kindle template and an ePub template you can download here to help get you started:

Hope you check it out, and let your comic-writing friends know about our eBook — and anyone else who may have an image-heavy book to turn into an eBook and is looking for a tutorial. While our experience is with formatting comics, the guide should be useful to anyone looking to make a eBook version of a coffee table book, children’s picture book, photo book, art book, and more. Happy publishing!


  1. Daljeet Sidhu

    Just bought the kindle version and read through it. Useful information. Thanks guys.

    I am not being able to find the kindle and the nook templates. Please post the correct web address on this page so that I can download.

    • Hi Daljeet — thanks for leaving us a note, and hope the eBook helps. We added links to both templates at the end of the blog, above. Thanks for the tip.

      Or, if you’re reading the Formatting eBook on a Kindle, you can type in the URL for each template into a web browser to download the templates.

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