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IN MAPS & LEGENDS Comes to an End

Issue #9 (of 9) of IN MAPS & LEGENDS is out now!

We’ve reached the end. Two years ago, writer Michael Jasper and I teamed up and won DC Comics’ Zuda competition. 6 months later, the imprint closed, only a dozen pages into our story– and we decided to go for it on our own. 9 issues and 190 pages later, IN MAPS & LEGENDS is complete! So grab the latest issue from your favorite digital comics distributor! Let us know what you think of the grand finale of Kait’s adventures. Each issue is 22 full color pages for only $.99.

In this issue, Kait faces down the trio of impossible creatures who have world domination on their agenda, taking her and her friends to the brink of death and back again, and the mystery of the maps are explained, in his own enigmatic way, by the haggard stranger known only as Bartamus.

We’re on both Kindle and Nook (in both English and German!), or you can read it on the web or download a PDF. And, of course, we’re still on Comixology and other iOS (or Android!) apps. Buy it once, read it anywhere.

And with the series wrapped up, we felt like the next obvious step was to make getting our complete comic easier for any new readers interested in checking out the world of IN MAPS & LEGENDS. So we’ve put together a digital Collected Edition, compiling all 9 issues (190 pages!) for only $5.99— much cheaper than buying them all individually!
You can get the Collected Edition on the web or download a PDF. Or grab it through Comixology and other iOS (or Android!) apps. Buy it once, read it anywhere.

In connection the collected edition release, earlier this year we released an ebook combo of issues 1-4, exclusive for Kindle and Nook. We’ve now followed that up with the new IN MAPS & LEGENDS 5-9 eBook Combo, so you can complete the story without hunting down those individual issues you’ve missed!

It’s been a long journey to get to this point, and I’ve learned more about the different digital comics formatting than I ever imagined. I hope you take a look, try it out, and get inspired to read more comics along the way. Thanks to everyone who voted in the original competition and has followed our issue releases. We wouldn’t have made it this far without your support and encouragement.