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Issue #4 (of 9) of IN MAPS & LEGENDS is out now!

It’s been a crazy five months, but with every day that passes IM&L finds more and more readers, for whom we’re incredibly grateful. We took a look at our rough sales at the end of January, and with only three issues out, we had sold over 1000 copies. Thank you! Issue 4 is out now, and I hope our readers enjoy it just as much.

What have we been up to in the last few months?

Well, a number of our distributors have expanded to more and more platforms! Comixology started out iPhone-only, then added iPad, a browser reader, and is now also available as an Android app. Graphic.ly used to be only an iPhone app or installed program on your desktop, but now they have a browser reader, a Windows Phone app, and one for Android in beta. We’ve also put together some *extras*– If you read IN MAPS & LEGENDS on the Graphic.ly desktop app, you can “wipe away” the colors to see the inked version of the page.
The great thing about Comixology and Graphic.ly is that wherever you make your purchase– your phone, laptop, or tablet– all your comics will automatically sync. Read IN MAPS & LEGENDS on your phone on the train, and finish the issue on your computer at home.

While it’s great to be a part of these slick, mainstream-focused apps, we’re proud that we’re doing this on our own, just an artist and a writer making comics because they want to. And Illustrated Section opened up a week or two ago, with just that mindset. IS is a creator-operated digital store collecting PDFs of indie comics and picture books. It’s nice to be a part of something focused entirely on promoting creator-owned work.

We’ve also gotten IM&L into the Apple iBooks app and Google’s eBookstore, and are working to get on in the Kobo ereader store.

Mike Jasper (IM&L’s writer) and I also did a podcast with Webcomic Beacon last month all about digital comics and formatting, and CBR’s Robot 6 named us Digital Creators of the Year with VALENTINE‘s Alex de Campi, which was quite the honor!

Getting IN MAPS & LEGENDS out can involve a bit of juggling, but we’re not slowing anytime soon. So if you’re interested, please take the time to snag IN MAPS & LEGENDS issue 4! Let me know what you think. Remember, each issue is 22 pages for only $.99.

With Bartamus’ world falling apart around them, LaVonne, Jeremy, and Antawn venture deeper into unknown territory, while Kait travels into the darkness between worlds — and she’s no longer alone.

We’re on both Kindle and Nook (in both English and German!), or you can read it on the web or download a PDF. And, of course, we’re still on Comixology and other iPhone (or Android phone! or Windows phone!) apps. Digital comics are portable, and I love that.

Thanks for everyone who’s helped us get this far!